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Venkman’s Karaoke League! Hosted by Christopher Arrison (of Saved by the Band)

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Hey Rock Stars – Another season of Venkman’s Karaoke League starts February 1st – hosted by Chris Arrison, the compelling frontman of Saved By The Band! Eight teams will put their karaoke skills to the test every Wed (2/1-4/5) at 8 p.m. in three-round competitions.


– Advance sign ups are $25 per individual for the season which guarantees participation.
– Walk-in sign ups are $25 per team, per availability.
– Maximum of eight teams each week consisting of between 2-4 members per team.
– The regular season consists of eight weeks of competition.
– Every performer must meet the minimum age requirement: 21+
– Check in will be 7:30pm. Competition begins at 8:00pm.


– Each league member will sign up as an individual, but compete on a team each week. Each individual will retain the team’s score from that week which will be added to their personal score for the season.
– Each team will present three performances during regular competition: round one is a solo round (single performer); round two is a challenge round (1 primary performer + 1 or more); round three is a group round (2-4 performers).
– Choose your song in advance, or the night of competition.
– No song may be performed twice in one night. No individual may perform the same song twice in one season.
– No song shall exceed five minutes in length. Songs over 5 minutes that are submitted will not be accepted.
– A short “open” session will follow competition each night per the discretion of the host and Venkman’s mgmt.


– Ballots will be distributed to every person present at Venkman’s at the beginning of each round. This includes both league members and non-league members; as such teams are encouraged to bring friends. No ballots will be distributed after the end of the first performance of a given round. An ATLKL official will total the scores will collect ballots at the end of every round.
– The ballot for each round will ask voters to select their three favorite performances when 5 or more teams are competing.
– Voters will select their two favorite performances when 4 or less teams are competing. Should a ballot contain an incorrect number of votes, the ballot will be discarded and not counted.
– Team member votes will be worth one (1) point, non team member’s votes are worth two (2) points. Judges’ votes will be worth five (5) points.
– All rounds will be tabulated and the winner of each round will be announced. The team with the highest cumulative score for the evening will be declared that week’s winner and all scores will be added to cumulative individual scores for regular season play.


– The championship night score totals will be worth double a normal night, and added to the season score.
– The winner will be based on the overall points from the entire season including the final night of competition. In the event of a tie, we will award co-champions and they will split the grand prize.


– All karaoke league members must abide by all laws regarding alcohol consumption. Further, all rules of the host establishment shall be strictly enforced. Rowdy, disrespectful, violent or otherwise problematic league members may be subject to disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to disqualification, suspension or expulsion from league activities.
– Performers must follow all local laws and regulations. Prohibited behaviors shall include: hanging/climbing on or around venue structures, throwing or tossing items into the crowd/audience or at venue equipment, using or spraying any hard-to-clean material, including but not limited to glitter, confetti, water or other liquids, paint, glue, powder, and silly string, and any other actions or behaviors that damage or have the potential to cause damage to the venue, staff, audience, teams, or equipment. The use of aerosols, such as whipped cream, are prohibited. Live animals or pets are prohibited. When in doubt, ask a member of league staff.
– Teams must clean up after themselves before leaving the venue, including discarding or taking home all trash, props, costumes, and other items.


We are making prizes great again!


FEB 1: KL Kick-off & open karaoke

FEB 8, Week 1: Dearly Departed: Choose a song from an artist who has died within the past twelve months from the date of your performance.

FEB 15, Week 2: New Jack Swing: Early ’90s hip-hop, smoothed out on the R&B tip with a pop feel — appeal — to it.


MAR 1, Week 3: Food Jams: Nourish our ears with songs expressly about food.

MAR 8, Week 4: Yacht Rock: Pick a track from this smoothest of genres (choose wisely; experts may be in attendance).

MAR 15, Week 5: Radio Disney: Select from the vast Disney songbook. (Points off if you choose anything from Frozen.)

MAR 22, Week 6: Pick Your Poison – Creed or Nickelback: With arms wide open, you will redeem these bands’ infamous songs. Note: You are expected to perform earnestly with great conviction and passion.

MAR 29, Week 7: Question Songs: Can you find a song with a question in the title? Will you sing it well? Maybe?

APR 5, FINALS Week 8: ‘80s Soundtrack Finale: Take us to the Danger Zone with a movie track from the Reagan years.